When denominations “shift”

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Interesting story update this morning to tell you about: (Update: Main Calvary Chapel Store Removes Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan After Numerous Complaints ) A couple of days ago Lighthouse posted a letter to the editor titled: “Main Calvary Chapel Bookstore Just Added Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan Book.”

Today, the editor reported that the Calvary Chapel store decided to remove Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan book after receiving a number of phone calls and complaints over the last two days. The Daniel Plan, a dieting plan offered by Rick Warren and Saddleback church, is a creation of three doctors who advocate as part of good health New Age/eastern-style meditation. And it’s more than just a diet plan; there’s an entire Church curriculum and training program complete with sermons and multimedia promotions and graphics. Here is a video as part of Warren’s 2014 refocus of the prominence of Daniel Plan for churches’

Many Christians are taking a big step back and looking at a trend that perhaps a shift is taking place within the main organization to partner with Rick Warren on several fronts. This is very different from the stance founder and pastor Chuck Smith took when he denounced Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven model for churches as something that he was firmly against. But since his death last year, there has been a shift of sorts, prompting many Calvary Chapels and pastors to say, “not in my church.” So what to make of this phenomenon when denominations begin to change what they stand for, and against?

Joining us is one Calvary Pastor who is committed to staying the course. Chris Quintana is senior pastor at Calvary Chapel Cypress in California. Chris has a love for Bible Prophecy and sees the modern church’s move away from historic Christianity as a indicator of the the last days. Chris also leads Rapture Ready Radio, a two-hour program heard around the world every night of the week.

Today’s Episode:
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We mentioned this book today, a must-read for all watchmen and women:

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One Response to “When denominations “shift””

  1. rob crosby #

    If a church has problems deciding what direction to go once the founder is gone…….I’m not sure they knew what they believed in the first place..

    January 10, 2014 at 9:20 am