Dominionism is man’s attempt to occupy and subdue the world as God’s stewards of the earth. While we are called to occupy the world and spread the Good News of the gospel, dominionists believe it is our duty to vanquish evil before Jesus’ final return. This is man’s attempt to do what God alone can do–usher in permanent peace.

Left wing dominionists often believe that Jesus can only return once man has vanquished injustice, poverty and economic inequality. Many believe Jesus cannot return until this is accomplished. Many left wing dominionists also subscribe to the beliefs of collective salvation, where all creation is ultimately saved because of their efforts.

Right wing dominionists often believe man must conquer and subdue institutions like government, commerce and media to usher in Jesus’ return. Many believe in a Christian theocracy for government.

Both sects of Dominionism are attempting to override biblical prophecy which states the world will grow increasingly more evil until Jesus returns to vanquish evil, condemn the wicked and establish His everlasting Kingdom.

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