Global Leadership Summit

The Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit has been around since 1992, born of a vision by Willow Leitungskongress 2012 - Tag 1Pastor Bill Hybels:

“When God wants to begin a new work in the world, He almost always starts by speaking into the heart of one person.  Drawing up the courage to listen, obey and share the vision with others, these are the people we call leaders.”  ~ Bill Hybels

The Conference draws hundreds of thousands Christians around the world to learn about leadership principles and values from world leaders. While they have had some sound biblical teachers and leaders,  virtually every year they have also brought in “leaders” who do not believe that what the Bible says is true, or they teach stances that conflict with the Bible.

Let’s start off by trying to properly and biblically define “leadership”:

A leader is a person who helps facilitate the progress and purpose of another.

Jesus was the greatest leader in history.  He did not promote Himself or His agenda—He promoted the Father’s.  Jesus gained nothing by dying on the cross—His only purpose was to glorify His father and shed His blood that men might be saved from eternal damnation.

The words “servant leadership” is thrown about a lot these days.  Unfortunately some leaders use this term to lead others to think they are really serving those they lead, when in reality they are self-serving, striving for greater profitability for the corporation, as if we are business owners rather than shepherds leading a flock.


Here is a partial list of past guests:

President Bill Clinton

As President of the United States, Bill Clinton met an intern in 1995 named Monica Lewinsky.  He started a sexual relationship with her, which he repeatedly denied publicly.  He lied under oath about the affair and was impeached by the Congress in 19988.

Shortly after his impeachment, where he lied under oath and was reprimanded, Bill Clinton spoke at the Willow Creek Leadership Summit in 2000.  He had disgraced the office of the Presidency with his sexual affair and perjury, and Clinton’s actions also spawned a significant increase in sexual activity by teens when he claimed oral sex was not really sex.  Is this the type of leader we want Christians to emulate?  Should he have been deemed worthy by Willow Creek leadership to be held up as a great leader for Christians?

Rob Bell

In 2000 Rob Bell was also a leader touted at the Summit.  The up and coming Evangelical Pastor was hailed as an example of what God is doing. 

Ten years later Bell would write a book, “Love Wins” where he questions the existence and permanence of hell, a direct contradiction of scripture and the words of Jesus himself.

Bono from U-2


U-2 rock sensation Bono presented at the Willow Creek Summit in 2009.  He has done a lot of good on humanitarian fronts, but his “Christianity’ is highly suspect.  On the website of Relevant Magazine10, a progressive Christian periodical, an article was posted by Terra Cobble about what she witnessed at a Bono concert:

“About five songs into their set, Bono stopped the show and strapped on a headband with a message on it:  COEXIST.  He began to sing ‘Jesus, Jew, Muhammed all true’ repeatedly.”

Bono has made several statements denying traditional Christian beliefs, including:

“God’s Spirit moves through us and the world at a pace that can never be constricted by any one religious paradigm.”

“Be wary of people who think theirs is the only way.  Unilateralism before God is dangerous.”

Blake Mycoskie, 2012, Founder of Tom’s Shoes

  • Darling of the progressive media, until they discovered he was a “closet Evangelical Christian”

Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, was slated as the lead speaker at Willow Creek in 2011.  In his biography he talks about the need for leaders to stand on their principles.  Well, apparently Mr. Schultz didn’t read his own biography because he decided to cancel his appearance as keynote speaker when seven-hundred-twenty-eight people signed an on line petition suggesting they would boycott Starbucks if Schultz spoke at an “anti-gay” church.

This story is fascinating on several fronts.  First that a few hundred on-line protestors could cause this man of “principle” to back out of an agreement to speak shows the power of the radical homosexual lobby in this nation.

Second, it shows the quandary many churches are in these days because Willow Creek does clearly state the biblical belief that homosexual relations are wrong, yet they continue to invite people in who endorse homosexuality—including Howard Schultz of Starbucks, holding them up as leadership examples for Christians. Starbucks recently came out in enthusiastic support of the movement to legalize homosexual marriage in the state of Washington and is pouring a lot of money and time into making sure homosexual marriage is legalized there.

Cory Booker

Cory Booker is the current mayor of Newark, New Jersey.  He recently blasted New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for his refusal to sign homosexual marriage into law13.  Booker has been outspoken in his promotion of gay marriage, stating “marriage equality is not a choice, it is a right.” He has also refused to conduct traditional marriages between a man and a woman in City Hall to protest what he sees as inequality in marriage.

We start to see a pattern emerging where leaders who support gay marriage are continually brought in by Willow Creek and touted as examples of great leaders.  Is Willow Creek considering embracing homosexual marriage as acceptable in God’s eyes?  Are these examples of leaders we should ask Christians to emulate?

Rick Warren

Called “America’s Pastor”, Warren is to say the least controversial in many of his actions:

At President Obama’s inauguration he prayed in the name of Issa, the false Jesus of the Koran

He is a welcomed speaker at the Islamic Society of North America, a group often investigated by the FBI for ties to Muslim terrorist organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim leaders have repeatedly stated that they invite Warren because he has promised to not evangelize Muslims with the gospel.

Warren first publicly supported proposition 8 in California to establish marriage as between one man and one woman, and later apologized to the homosexual community for doing so.

 Warren sits on the board for Tony Blair’s global spiritualization movement to syncretize religions.

He is a sitting member of the Council of Foreign Relations, an organization that pushes for global government.

His P.E.A.C.E. Plan is the ultimate secular social justice movement in the world, promoting interfaith communication at the expense of sharing the gospel.

President Jimmy Carter

Established the Department of Education, as a way to funnel billions of dollars into federal education and the NEA.

Supports Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion

Supports homosexual marriage.

Fervently works to support the Palestinian cause to destroy Israel.

Last year, Steven Furtick, who the left is crowning the ‘next Rob Bell”.  He calls anyone who believes in biblical truth and doctrine a “hater” and is now embracing Joel Osteen and The Signs & Wonders/Word of faith doctrines all out.


Many of the speakers talk about social justice issues with no mention whatsoever about the gospel.

William Ury

One presenter, William Ury, is an international negotiator and consensus builder for corporations and governments.  His famous statement is seeking a “third way” where both parties compromise. Now this is not always a bad idea on some secular issues, but when it comes to the gospel and Christianity, we can allow no compromise on core issues.

He is a Christian—I do not doubt that. However, an organization Ury started is called the “Abraham Path Initiative”.  They promote tours of where Abraham lived.  They talk about the “three great Abrahamic faiths” and says “what unites us is greater than what divides us”.

First, Islam is not an Abrahamic faith.  Islam was not invented until 2,000 years after Abraham died.  Is this a subtle attempt to unite Christianity, Judaism and Islam into a common religion? To give you an idea of who holds Mr. Ury in high esteem—He was a finalist last year for a reward from the “COEXIST” Foundation—an organization that promotes all religions as equal and valid.

KEYNOTE SPEAKER:  Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

She calls herself “mildly pro-choice” opposing late term abortions but believes the government should not be involved in the abortion debate.

She says she believes in homosexual civil unions but that her views are ‘still evolving.”


A couple more reasons I am very concerned by what goes on at Willow Creek and the leadership Summits:

 Bill Hybels was mentored by a man by the name of Peter Drucker, who was not a real Christian.  He was a Universalist.

  • Drucker taught Hybels and Warren that for the church to survive and thrive, the church must be set up more like a business or corporation.
  • The church must become “customer focused instead of gospel focused.  People’s needs must be met by the church, like a business meets the needs of consumers.
  • A frequent past speaker at Willow Creek Church is Brian McLaren. ‘Nuff said.

Then there is Hybels’ wife, Lynne.

Lynne Hybels

She is a contributing editor for Jim Wallis and Sojourners magazine.

She is a Red Letter Christian

She partners with Tony Campolo and Brian McLaren to hold an annual event called “Jesus at the Checkpoint”.  It is a propaganda movement against Israel supporting the Palestinian cause. It paints Israel as the aggressor and Muslims in the area as the victims.

 Two years ago she was appointed along with Jim Wallis to President Obama’s faith Council—since that time Obama has doubled down on his funding and support of Planned Parenthood and abortion, and pronounced his support for homosexual marriage.

This leads to one of two conclusions:  Either Wallis and Lynne Hybels agree with Obama’s policies on abortion and homosexual marriage, or they are ineffective spiritual advisors to the president.  We know they agree with Jim Wallis:


QUESTION:  If you were a spiritual adviser to the President who supports what Obama does, what would you do?  Speak out?  Resign?  Hybels and Wallis have done neither!