New Age

New Age worship has been a consistent movement since the fall of mankind. It gained great strength with the Modernism movement of the 19th and 20th centuries through the advancement of psychologists like Freud and Jung. At the start of the 20th century, it was energized by the teachings of Alice Bailey. Many of Bailey’s followers were early idealists who spearheaded the birth of the United Nations. Much of Bailey’s new age teachings remain a foundation for UN spiritual beliefs including humanism and earth worship. You’ll want to see this article on Human Robots Spiritual Transformation and the 2045 Global Future, and watch this promotional video:

Many in the New Age movement like Oprah Winfrey and Ruth Haley Barton will use terms like “the christ” or “Christ consciousness” to refer to the messiah of peace. But often what they teach is that WE ARE COLLECTIVELY THE CHRIST. United mankind is in essence our own savior. An excellent resource you’ll want to bookmark and visit is Christian Answers for the New Age.  

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How are Christians bringing New Age mysticism in the Church? One main way is through “Spiritual Formation” and “Transformation” practices that include Contemplative Prayer. This kind of prayer includes mantra-style Breath Prayers, Lectio Divina, Centering Prayer, Soaking Prayer, Listening Prayer, and “going into the silence” to hear God’s voice. But nowhere in the Bible do we see Jesus instructing us to do this. In fact, these prayers come from Eastern mystics, Buddhists and Hindus who influenced missionaries and monks. Here is a list of helpful articles by a number of authors, each containing links to keep any researcher busy for quite some time: