Jim Wallis

English: Jim WallisJim Wallis is the leader of Sojourners, the leading social justice organization in the US. Wallis is a spiritual adviser to
President Obama and a former Chapter President of Students For a Democratic Society, a violent communist organization in the 1960s.

Cloaking themselves as a Christian organization, Sojourners consistently supports progressive politics and religion. Their website cites certain biblical passages, but refuses to recognize homosexuality or abortion as wrong or sinful.

Wallis, along with Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Tony Campolo and Dan Kimball represent the loosely knit leadership of the far left wing progressive Christian movement, promoting ideals like collective salvation and liberation theology. Wallis along with Campolo, started “Red Letter Christians“, which greatly influences many youth pastors and youth within the church, leading them from the total, true gospel of salvation and holiness.