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Wichita, Kansas Skyline during the winter snow

Pastor on trial for witnessing to Muslims

Freedom of religion in America–but for which religions? Share your stories with us… A pastor in Wichita, Kansas, heads to court today to defend himself against charges involving his efforts to witness for Christ outside a mosque. Pastor Mark Holick says the incident in late August occurred as members of the Islamic Society of Wichita […]

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Me at home.

Beware the camel’s nose

The war on Christianity required discernment and “connecting dots”. What dots are you seeing? A massacre in a church in Baghdad and the Oklahoma vote against Shariah law. To the average American, these two events could not possibility be connected in any way, shape or form. Yet the attack upon Christians, not only in the […]

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Study: 4 in 10 Say Marriage is Becoming Obsolete

Is marriage becoming obsolete? As families gather for Thanksgiving this year, nearly one in three American children is living with a parent who is divorced, separated or never-married. More people are accepting the view that wedding bells aren’t needed to have a family. A study by the Pew Research Center highlights rapidly changing notions of […]

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Taken in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in April ...

Evangelists not guilty of ‘disorderly conduct’

Praise God–pastors found not guilty for sharing the gospel in public–but for how long will we maintain these rights with atheists and activist progressive judges? Love to hear your thoughts… Following their July 3 arrest for sharing the gospel outside a Philadelphia mosque, two evangelists say they have been vindicated by a recent community court ruling. […]

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Flag of Phoenix, AZ (8.65)

A House of Prayer for All Races

With discernment of the Holy Spirit, one can see how Sojourners twists the meaning of scripture to fit their progressive agenda. Just what does Jesus clearing the temple of God have to do with legalizing immigration without any control of our borders? Help me–I’m confused…. I was privileged the last few days to be in […]

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NEW YORK - AUGUST 11: Billionaire George Soros...

Soros Exposed

If you are unfamiliar with George Soros, you better learn more about his agenda and power. Is the world’s most powerful man really a danger to our country or just “misunderstood”? For months, Glenn has been pulling back the structure progressives have worked decades to put in place. Beneath every layer lies one common thread: […]

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The Supreme Court of the United States. Washin...

3 Justices Booted in Iowa after Same-sex Marriage Ruling

Conservative Christian voters seem to be saying “enough is enough” with progressives and their agenda. What do you think? 3  Justices Booted in Iowa after Same-sex Marriage Ruling In Iowa, voters spoke on gay marriage, but not through a ballot measure. Iowa voters ousted three Supreme Court members who legalized gay marriage in 2009. Chief […]

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Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...

Obama ‘mangling’ scripture

How do you feel about the President’s manipulation of Scripture? Talk to me…   Conservative commentator Robert Knight of Coral Ridge Ministries is taking issue with President Obama’s recent “born gay, always gay” comments. Knight says many politicians are frightened of the homosexual issue and unfamiliar with the research, and end up giving away moral ground. […]

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The Emergent Church Emerging into the Darkness

Check out this website article I found at associatedcontent.com The Emergent Church Emerging into the Darkness As I was researching the emergent church for this article I came across many quotes worthy of comment, but by no means decisively and summarily picturesque of the movement itself, such as; ‘the great iniquity in the distribution of […]

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