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Here and there

Today we are covering several news stories that you may or may not have heard. What do we as Christians do to navigate this new reality we find ourselves in?  We keep our eyes focused on the Risen Christ! See the related stories below to catch up on these and additional headlines. Today’s Episode: [powerpress] […]

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The brain

Dangerous Mindsets

From a liberal Christian blog called “D-Mergent: Fertilizing the future with the wisdom of the past.” Post by Stand Up For The Truth.

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The Danger of Claiming to Receive Direct Revelation

Erin Benziger over at Do Not Be Surprised writes in an article titled, Why Beth Moore and Not Me? The Danger of Claiming to Receive Direct Revelation, “When God speaks, He does so with authority. He issues no ‘lesser’ revelation. His words are full and final and they stand for eternity. This is why His […]

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District: School sex poster “aligns with national standards”

A poster asking some Kansas middle school students a sexually provocative question. Parents, how would you feel if this greeted your 12-year-old? “How do people express their sexual feelings,” the poster asks, before listing “touching each other’s genitals,” “anal sex” and “vaginal intercourse,” among other things, reports WDAF-TV, of the poster hung at Hocker Grove […]

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Dove of the Holy Spirit (ca. 1660, alabaster, ...

When a gift is wisdom and maturation

Today as we continue our discussion on biblical prophecy, we ask our listeners how God speaks through Scripture, and whether the “gift of prophecy” is really the gift of the Holy Spirit, sanctifying us to be able to see Scriptural truths more clearly as our faith matures. One thing we do know: The Bible does […]

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What idolatry looks like

When we think about idolatry in our modern day, oftentimes the image comes to mind of a golden calf, a wad of cash or something tangible like that. But what exactly is idolatry of the heart that might sound like a good thing but can eclipse our view of our creator God, our eternal King? […]

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Confusing alliances

Today we’re covering several news stories, including the question many Christian bloggers are asking: Did Francis Chan give his stamp of approval to a right-wing dominionist organization known for promoting signs and wonders, simply by speaking at a conference the group put on? We’re going to talk about the growing muddy lines around what some […]

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Chan at IHOP

What to make of the Francis Chan/IHOP union

The Christian blogosphere is asking the question: What to make of popular Christian teacher and author Francis Chan speaking at IHOP (International House of Prayer)? Some are praising Chan’s bravery, others are saddened and alarmed at the union. What did Francis Chan preach that day? Why the controversy over IHOP and its founder, Mike Bickle? […]

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English: Wall painting at Partrishow (3) The A...

A literal truth

What do Christian’s believe and why do we believe it? Today we’re discussing literally the literalism of the Word of God, and why many Christians in our generation are no longer willing to look at the fundamentals of our faith as truth. We know that the world has always dismissed the Bible as untrustworthy; just […]

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Vision from Book of Revelation

God’s Letter to the Churches

Are the letters to the Churches in Revelation pertinent to the times we live in?  Or were they a specific warning to these churches for a specific time in history? A proper understanding of Biblical prophecy shows us that they are both—a warning to the churches of John’s day and a warning to the churches […]

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