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Is persecution coming from our own?

Religious liberty are under attack in the West, and many are waking up to this strange new reality. But is it also under attack in some of our own Christian churches? We’re going to talk about that today and share some news headlines, and we’ve also got an example of how reporters are able to […]

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American flag

America and The Church in Decline?

There can be little doubt that the America many of us grew up in—the one that honored God and recognized our way of life is dependent on following His teachings—is quickly fading.  Once a strong country of Christian values and morals, America is decaying into a modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah where personal pleasure […]

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Hillsong founder Brian Houston

Imagine: “A letter to the church at Sydney”

It’s not widely reported yet, but Australian megachurch Hillsong founder Pastor Brian Houston has apparently sent a message to all of his church campuses saying gays and lesbians should be welcomed in the church.  This news from GayStarNews, a Sydney-based site that is “optimistic” about the change in tone. For Bible-believing Christians this news should […]

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English: Evangelical Christians and Baptists c...

A likeable facade?

Today we are seeing a lot of church models that sadly are leading people away from the purpose of the Church that the Bible tells us to focus on: Equipping the saints (that’s you and me, churchgoers) to go and make disciples. To die to self daily, and pick up our crosses to follow Jesus. […]

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No Truth Without Love, No Love Without Truth: The Church’s Great Challenge

I’m sharing a great article published today by Dr. Albert Mohler The church’s engagement with the culture involves a host of issues, controversies, and decisions–but no issue defines our current cultural crisis as clearly as homosexuality. Some churches and denominations have capitulated to the demands of the homosexual rights movement, and now accept homosexuality as […]

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Survey: Young Christians want marijuana legalized

Engaging with the culture without embracing it is getting much harder for Christians, especially when the Church itself is looking more and more like the world. With 70 percent of our youth leaving the Church – and their faith – once they graduate high school, you have to wonder why. (See Top 10 Reasons Our […]

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Why Christians should start talking about redefining marriage

Many Christians avoid tough subjects like gay marriage and other charged topics because they don’t want to get into a heated discussion. But as we’ll hear from our two guests today, this conversation is one we can no longer avoid having. Why? Do we really expect to change the shifting national opinion on gay marriage, […]

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A different Gospel is lulling us to sleep

Today an interesting billboard campaign in Las Vegas where a Christian leader is purchasing space to publish the Ten Commandments. Is that going to help save America? Joseph Farah thinks so, but we’ve got a different take. And then, in our third segment, we’ll talk a little more about pastor Jay Bakker’s version of the […]

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Deutsch: Gottfried Feder und Adolf Hitler 1919

Is Persecution Right Around the Corner?

In 1936 Germany was in the midst of economic ruin and social upheaval, facing an uncertain future.  A charismatic leader by the name of Adolph Hitler was rising to power and he pointed Germans to a new direction that would bring the nation and its people back to greatness—if they only trusted him. He consolidated […]

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Boston - Back Bay: Trinity Church (aerial)

What is the state of the Church in 2013?

Today we begin to explore the state of the Church in 2013. This year promises to be shaky. What we mean by that is simply that the Bride of Christ is continuing to be shaken by a number of crisis points spiritually, morally and financially from the outside world and from within her own walls.  […]

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