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Vision from Book of Revelation

God’s Letter to the Churches

Are the letters to the Churches in Revelation pertinent to the times we live in?  Or were they a specific warning to these churches for a specific time in history? A proper understanding of Biblical prophecy shows us that they are both—a warning to the churches of John’s day and a warning to the churches […]

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Vice Grips

Tightening the Screws

Will we remain faithful no matter what the cost? Or seek compromise for the sake of popularity and worldly prosperity?

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Cross & Clouds

A Look Back–A Look Ahead

Thursday on Stand Up For the Truth we take a look back at 2013 and forward to 2014, asking you to chime in on what you saw take place in 2013 that either encouraged or discouraged you—and what your major concerns are as we head into the new year. Was it the growth of Chrislam? […]

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English: Church service

That “perfect” church?

Today we are asking you our listeners about what should we expect of the church in our time.  Many of you have been looking for the perfect church, and while we don’t make recommendations we do want to at least start that discussion, as we are planning a program for the end of the year […]

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New publicity stunt puts pastor on a bucking horse

Why would a pastor ride a wild beast or zipline into a church service?  Is the pastor’s job not to preach the Word, in season and out, in order to feed the sheep and equip the saints to carry out the Great Commission?  Or is it to entertain the goats in order to get the […]

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Trappings of the Occult

In the next week, the thrills of one of the biggest money-making festivities in America will turn our attention to witches and goblins, ghosts and zombies. But don’t kid yourself about Halloween being the only time we seem to be obsessed with death, magic and the occult.  But it also seems that more and more […]

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A much-ignored doctrine: Church Discipline

When is the last time you heard the words, “Church Discipline,” or heard of anybody going through that process?  Church discipline is actually a necessary and crucial doctrine set up in the Bible, from the earliest days of God’s covenant with Abraham to the New Testament in Acts and in the letters to the Church. […]

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Syringe 5 with drops.

Emergent, convergent apathy in the church

Why does it seem that local church leaders rarely get behind a Christian event unless it is either their idea, or at their church? I am seeing a tremendous apathy within Christianity, and it is a symptom of a major illness sweeping through local churches. Other symptoms include the apparent paranoia and/or insecurity and self-centeredness […]

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Hath God Said?

Should a choir director at a public high school be forced to take Christ out of the Christmas music his students perform?  That is the topic of a huge debate in Wausau, Wisconsin, where last night there was an emotional public hearing. A little later on we are going to get an update from Julaine […]

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Atonement scoffing spreads like rancid yeast

The growing move among the progressive Christians away from Jesus’ atoning work on the cross was a spark initially ignited by Brian McLaren a few years ago, and more recently promoted by Tony Jones and others. As you can see from the link to this article, this blasphemous idea is a quickly spreading leaven that […]

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