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Slippery Slope

Understanding Progressive Christianity

We want to do as much as we can to reach out to those in our families and churches who say they are Christian, but do not take the Bible as literal truth. Does it matter? Yes. Jesus said that He is the Truth. And we cannot know Him apart from what His breathed-out Word […]

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Special edition: Live Panel

The bible is one-third prophecy and has a lot to say to us about the conflict in the Middle East, the global geopolitical landscape, the world economy, and the New Spirituality changing the visible church.  Today we are broadcasting live from this year’s Great Lakes Prophecy Conference at Calvary Chapel of Appleton. (The event is […]

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First Armenian Evangelical Church, Beirut, Lebanon

Times of the signs

Today we continue our discussion on worship, signs and wonders, sharing some of the letters we’ve received since we covered this controversial topic in yesterday’s program. A little later, we bring you the story of a religious studies professor at a major university who says that the not-guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman case is […]

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Strange winds of change

Today we’re covering everything from the Boy Scout’s decision to cave to the left, a surprise announcement from the Pope that even atheists are saved, to a mysterious mega-money request from Emergent guru Brian McLaren, to some new information about Spiritual Formation – the latest trend that is leading a huge number of seeker-friendly churches […]

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Español: Lobo en el zoo de Kolmården (Suecia).

“Love is all you need,” but is it enough anymore?

For the past couple of years now, we’ve been alerting you to the growing number of movements and trends that are harming the Body of Christ, and I’m not talking about things from outside, but from within. It has been getting more and more challenging for Christians to navigate these waters of confusion and a […]

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Has the Gospel been shown the door?

We live in a time when the Good News of Jesus has been increasingly marginalized by The Church. It’s a trend that is very concerning to us. There are those who have either re-shaped the Gospel to mean God loves us as we are, without explaining how He loves us, or they avoid the Gospel […]

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English: Ocean surface wave.

Stemming the tide

What is “The Most Dangerous Cult” invading Christianity?  Some say it’s the New Age mystics, who promise we can adopt unbiblical ways to experience the spiritual realm. Others say it is Universalism, or Human Secularism. But there is another ism that one watchman says has been even more dangerous, and that is Christian Progressivism, the […]

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Screen shot 2012-10-29 at 1.37.47 PM

Is your church Emergent, New Age or Christian?

This video goes with the topic of Post-Modernistic/Liberalism that has become the Church today. A great teaching tool for those who need to understand how different these teachings are from God’s Word:    

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Why blending faiths doesn’t work

Some things were meant to be mixed. We can syncretize colors on a palette, or our favorite food flavors. But not our faiths. That kind of syncretism is dangerous. How does this happen in Christianity? Right now there is a growing movement in America and some other parts of the world to blend two very […]

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Christians and Muslims in Dangerous Dialog

Christians and Muslims in Dangerous Dialog

A Biblical and Historical Rebuttal to “Loving God and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response to a Common Word Between us and You.” By Eric Barger This document is in response and protest to the “Loving God and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response to a Common Word Between us and You.” (Read document here.) a document […]

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