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Are you sure you are “good to go?”

Can you imagine serving in your church, living morally and doing or saying all the right things and then finding out that you are living a lie? We can serve with our gifts, we can teach Sunday school and even host small groups in our homes, and yet still become the false converts Jesus spoke […]

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The New Covenant in Christ’s Atonement

When we hear teachings like,”God doesn’t keep score and I’m free, so why should I worry about keeping His commandments,” we need to lovingly correct this misunderstanding of the Law and the Gospel. Likewise we must set it straight when we hear teachings telling us we must still observe the Hebrew festivals and keep the […]

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Why aren’t our lips sharing?

Today we are asking each other as fellow sisters and brothers in Christ, why don’t more of us share the Good News more often? Is it because: A. We are ashamed of the Gospel? B. Don’t care about the eternal destinations of the lost? C. Don’t know the Gospel well enough to share with others? […]

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Christmas in May

Humanist group targets Christmas shoebox campaign

The American Humanist Association, a national advocacy organization with 20,000 members nationwide, sent letters this week to two public elementary schools after parents complained their children were being asked to collect toys and money for Operation Christmas Child. Operation Christmas Child is a project of Samaritan’s Purse, an evangelical relief organization founded by Franklin Graham, son of […]

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Easy Believism: What is the cure?

We are only a heartbeat away from eternity. Are we saved? Is the visible church sugar-coating the Gospel without ensuring that the sheep have been convicted of their sins and regenerated by the Holy Spirit? [powerpress] Subscribe (RSS | iTunes) Having trouble with this podcast? Click Here for tips. We are 100% Listener supported. Donate […]

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Women in ministry

Discerning the times

Today we are covering several news headlines about the latest from Christians suffering in Egypt for their faith, and why we need to step up our efforts in sharing the Gospel with those who don’t know Him in a world growing increasingly dark.

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News, views and the Gospel

Today we’re talking about news and trends in the Church.  Among them, we’ll cover a protests in Texas against a statewide homeschool convention by atheists who are concerned that parents will be teaching their kids creationism and not evolution theories. In Switzerland, many are upset that their national anthem based on a biblical Psalm is […]

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How do we know we’re not false converts?

Can you imagine going to church for years and never hearing the full gospel? Sadly in our post-modern world, that’s exactly what many people have experienced in a growing number of seeker-purpose-business driven models where words like “sin” and “repent” are deemed too harsh for attendees and visitors to handle. As a result, many people […]

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Dead in Adam; Alive in Christ

Today we are talking about sharing our faith with others. How does one go from being dead in the spirit to alive in Christ? That’s a really good question we all need to ask as we examine ourselves and as we share the Gospel with those who do not know Jesus. We’re going to spend […]

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Jessica Studies the ESV

Equipping your mind

What does God want you to believe about the Bible? What does He want you to know about who He really is? Knowing what the Bible says about these three subjects is central to accurately understanding the Christian faith and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Our guest today is Barney Browne, an elder at […]

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