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Being real: Reaching the world

Do you breathe fire?  (How about kale?)  On today’s program we’re talking about why we as Christians need to stand for Truth and the hope we have in Christ. Today’s Episode: [powerpress] Subscribe (RSS | iTunes) Having trouble with this podcast? Click Here for tips. We are 100% Listener supported. Donate now! Joining us for […]

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The New Order

We seem to be waking up to the fact that there is a “new order.” That things are markedly different in our nation than they were even 30 or 50 years ago. As those who follow Jesus and who claim Him as our God and Redeemer, we need to look at this from a biblical […]

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A Mark of the Beast

  An article by one of our frequent guests, Scott Alan Buss. (Shared with permission) A Mark of the Beast  Scott Alan Buss Throughout church history there’s been intense curiosity and fascination with the “mark of the beast” described in the book of Revelation. While serious interest in the truth of God as revealed in […]

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What do I know?

I recently received a loving rebuke from a pastor who is a long time friend and a Pentecostal. He was concerned that I had painted all Charismatics with the same brush. I read that letter in its entirety today on our Stand Up For The Truth program, and you are welcome to hear what he […]

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Three things you can do to stay the course

With us today is someone who knows just how wide that gate is getting: Our special guest, Caryl Matrisciana, is a well-known expert on ancient and modern world religions, contemporary cults, paganism and the occult.

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Why the World Hates Genuine Christianity and all True Christians

John 3:13 says “Do not be surprised that the world hates you.” By why? The following is reblogged from Mike Ratliff over at Possessing The Treasure: There are many ministries in our time that are run by people who have either forgotten that friendship with the world is a sin or they are deliberately overlooking […]

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Signs, wonders and warnings

Today on Stand Up For The Truth, we are going to broach a controversial topic. The Signs and Wonders movement is a growing concern in Christianity, with new conferences, teachings and manifestations of gold dust, glory clouds, jewels and manna, and even gold teeth. Instead of endless arguments about whether these are real or fake, […]

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Deceiving signs and wonders: Corissa’s Story

The following is a testimony of one of our listeners, Corissa, who was deeply steeped in the Signs and Wonders movement infecting many churches. She has given us permission to share her story, in hopes that others caught up in this beautiful deception will be willing to consider the spiritual danger that they are in, […]

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Gold dust and glory clouds coming to NE Wisconsin

For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect. – Matthew 24:24 Gold dust, glory clouds and visits to heaven – coming to NE Wisconsin in October. Joshua Mills is bringing his Catch The Fire conference to northeast Wisconsin, at […]

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New “Religion-Free” Bible version strips Christianity

We’ve told you about the Queen James homosexual-friendly Bible, The Leftist Green Bible, and the newly-released New Apostolic Reformation (Dominionism/signs and wonders) “The Passion Translation,” all of which make Eugene Peterson’s The Message mess seem nearly orthodox. How about a Bible that tells readers they don’t need to worry about all that sin and repentance […]

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