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Standing strong for 3 years!

Today we’ve reached a landmark anniversary: three years we’ve been in the trenches here at Stand Up For The Truth!  Many of you are sharing birthday wishes on today’s show, and we thank you for standing with us. But we know that we must continue to roll up our sleeves and share the truth of […]

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obamacare ad

Shocking Obamacare ads for real

Sometimes issues of the day seem so ridiculous, it would be funny if it weren’t for real. Like this controversial ad for Obamacare: Post by Stand Up For The Truth. Feeling beat down for standing on the Truth of God’s Word?  Christians are often told to stand down for believing that Jesus is the only […]

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Hair Flip!

Are we on a wild ride?

A lot of news to cover today! A little later on, we’re going to catch up with Sarah Leslie, a researcher for Herescope and we’re going to talk about some of the paradigm shifts she has seen in the visible church over the past several decades, and where we seem to be heading. Up first, […]

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English: Church versus State

Can we protect churches?

Will pastors soon be forced to perform gay marriage ceremonies? It sounds like there is already a legal case in Britain, where a couple who already has a civil union will go to court to force churches to host gay weddings. Remember last week we reported that one Texas senator has been viciously mocked for […]

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Life in the balance

Today we’re getting the latest on Wisconsin’s bill requiring women seeking abortions to first see their babies on ultrasound. And what is the status of Wisconsin’s abortion clinics set to close? Will judges block this move? Julaine Appling from Wisconsin Family Action joins us today.   [powerpress] Subscribe (RSS | iTunes) We are 100% Listener […]

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Love, Sex and the Word of God

Love and sex.  Two different things—but these days they have come to be used interchangeably by young people and many Christians.  Today we discuss love and sex as God defines them vs. the way man has come to redefine them.  We are joined by Julaine Appling of Wisconsin Family Action and Jeff Strommen of HopeNet […]

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Why Christians should start talking about redefining marriage

Many Christians avoid tough subjects like gay marriage and other charged topics because they don’t want to get into a heated discussion. But as we’ll hear from our two guests today, this conversation is one we can no longer avoid having. Why? Do we really expect to change the shifting national opinion on gay marriage, […]

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Kicking Television

Taking on the media

The “powers that be” of the media do not like the Power that Is, our holy God.  And they are getting more brazen in attacking Jesus. Now we of course know that the world will hate Him because it does not know Him. And there are many who say that for Christians, fighting the culture […]

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Long Wedding Dress for Couple with Flowers

Focusing on Marriage

Today kicks of National marriage Month, and we pray for and celebrate traditional marriage because it is GOOD for families and society as a whole. Married or not, we can all join in and affirm God’s gift of marriage between one man and one woman. Joining us for our first segment today is Wisconsin Family […]

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Why, God?

Across the nation, the flags are flying at half, a somber reminder of the horrific school shooting in Connecticut last Friday. Amid the calls for more prayer, more gun control and tighter school security, there is an anguished cry rising up: Why, God? Why did this happen to innocents? It’s not a new cry; we’ve […]

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