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Slippery Slope

Understanding Progressive Christianity

We want to do as much as we can to reach out to those in our families and churches who say they are Christian, but do not take the Bible as literal truth. Does it matter? Yes. Jesus said that He is the Truth. And we cannot know Him apart from what His breathed-out Word […]

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tony jones

Emergent Jones calls for celebrating pre-marital sex

“A new sexual ethic for Christians is desperately needed. I for one am going to work on that. Will you join me?” Tony Jones is asking all of Christendom to join him in a quest to lift the moral outrage we Christians seem to have over premarital sex. Yes, that’s right. Apparently the Bride of […]

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Emergence Christianity “Explosion!”

“We’re not dead; we’re just hitting puberty!” So say yesterday’s trailblazers and newly-coached leaders in the Emergent Church movement, which we were told two years ago (By John MacArthur!) was gasping its last breath. These post-modern gurus who spawned the whole lets-have-a-conversation-because-we-can’t-possibly-know-absolute-truth-in-scripture thought are still out there, and their numbers aren’t dwindling at all. Not […]

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