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Slippery Slope

Understanding Progressive Christianity

We want to do as much as we can to reach out to those in our families and churches who say they are Christian, but do not take the Bible as literal truth. Does it matter? Yes. Jesus said that He is the Truth. And we cannot know Him apart from what His breathed-out Word […]

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Bread rolls

A little leaven…

Today on the program, we’re looking at some news headlines through the lens of our faith. Why do we do that? Joining us in the first half is our guest, Scott Alan Buss.

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Jesus is So Cool

Six ways Progressive theology is destroying Christianity

First they asked you to think outside the box of Truth; now they’re asking you to stop speaking Truth altogether.  The Progressive wing of the Church has been able to grow and thrive, thanks in part to the re-surging Emergent movement that has long been taking the doctrines of Christianity apart. Here’s how Steve McSwain, […]

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tony jones

Emergent Jones calls for celebrating pre-marital sex

“A new sexual ethic for Christians is desperately needed. I for one am going to work on that. Will you join me?” Tony Jones is asking all of Christendom to join him in a quest to lift the moral outrage we Christians seem to have over premarital sex. Yes, that’s right. Apparently the Bride of […]

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English: Ocean surface wave.

Stemming the tide

What is “The Most Dangerous Cult” invading Christianity?  Some say it’s the New Age mystics, who promise we can adopt unbiblical ways to experience the spiritual realm. Others say it is Universalism, or Human Secularism. But there is another ism that one watchman says has been even more dangerous, and that is Christian Progressivism, the […]

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Leadership and Spiritual Formation DMin Retrea...

Are you embracing contemplative practices in the New Year?

Progressive Christianity is full-on tickling this year. And those whose ears are itching for a little spice in their spirituality won’t be disappointed with the contemplative writings of Christine Valters Paintner, Ph.D., a “Benedictine Oblate and the online Abbess,” who teaches monastic spirituality and going into the “divine silence’ of contemplative prayer. Her latest article, […]

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Truth, Love and the “spectrum”

All this week we’re talking about that balance of Truth and Love. It’s a spectrum that seems to range from love-love-love-love, to truth-truth-truth, until you are either watered down or beaten into submission! On one end of the spectrum, we refuse to compromise the truth and our attitude is, “this is what we stand for […]

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Progressive Christianity’s revolution

If you wish to be equipped as a Christian, you need to have your Bible and your eyes wide open. In other words, 1. know the Word. 2. understand the strategy waged by the so-called “Progressive Christian” movement that is working overtime to cast doubt on (or downright attack) the Bible’s teachings. The following will […]

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Speak up, make your voice heard

“Progressive Christians Enter the Age of Relevancy”

The Huffington Post is carrying a post-election article that is being shared widely on progressive Christian sites. It is clear that our decades of irrelevancy are over now. The last election showed the decline of the Religious Right’s power. Not only that, but the mute button is off. We can begin to hear progressive Christian […]

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Progressive Christians use the Bible to promote abortion

This article from The Christian Left blog is an unfortunate portrayal of how progressive Christianity is using the Bible as a weapon to argue FOR the pro-abortion worldview. I’ve reprinted it here and have reluctantly included the source link at the bottom, although it saddens me that traffic will flow to their site from ours: […]

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