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Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

Extra-biblical prophecies: How do we weigh them?

We know that Jesus said to watch for the signs of the times and to be ready for His return as conquering King. And while many Christians today shrug off these words Jesus had to say as if it didn’t apply to them, we believe God’s Word – all of it – including the nearly […]

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The Rabbi who “found” Jesus

Have you heard of the Rabbi who allegedly found Jesus?  Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri made news one year after his death a couple of years ago when scholars found a note he had written that he instructed should be opened a year after his passing. In the note he revealed – not embraced or proclaimed, but […]

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Is the government shutdown “immoral?”

The government has brought many services to a screeching halt. We’re seeing monuments close, select government websites shut down, and even parks barricaded.  Mike had a front row seat to these things in Washington D.C. over the past five days and we’re going to get his perspective. Some Christians on the progressive side are calling […]

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Dangerous Soaking Prayer gains momentum

We’ve been reporting about the dangers of something called “Soaking Prayer.” While it sounds like something Christians can practice safely, it is anything but safe. In fact, the Soaking Prayer practice contains spiritual elements that are not only not found in Scripture, but God’s Word warns us to avoid doing these things. Gaining popularity One […]

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Matthew Vines’ Reformation Strategy: Will it reshape the visible church?

For the past year now we’ve been reporting on the Matthew Vines Reformation conference, a project launched last week in Kansas City to infiltrate Bible-believing and preaching churches to get them to change their minds about what the Bible says about homosexuality. Will it work? They’re not trying to infiltrate the liberal churches; that’s already […]

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NO  U.S.  BOMBING  OF  SYRIA   /   Hands Off  ...

Syria, Russia, Israel and America: Next moves?

Did you know that last week a poll showed most Americans were 12 times more interested in Miley Cyrus than Syria?  Well, many are starting to wake up to the fact that we are in perilous times with the dire situation in the Middle East. Even USA Today is reporting: “Some see biblical visions of […]

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Packed house at Caldwell Presbyterian Church for our annual Interfaith Pride Service.

“Christian” Pride Fest Attendees: ‘It’s a Sin, But I’m Not Against It:’

Yes, that’s right; a Christian Pridefest.  Check out this video of two Christian girls to see how righteously they defend their faith against those who question whether God thinks homosexuality is a sin: Christian News Net has the story: CHARLOTTE – Responses to a recent survey conducted at the 2013 Charlotte Pride Fest highlighted the ongoing ‘moral […]

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Matthew Vines

“Reformation Project” Targets Churches to Make Them Gay-Affirming

Is your church “reformed?” It soon will be, if Matthew Vines has his way.  In just a few weeks, Vines will reach thousands of people around the nation and train them to infiltrate Bible-believing churches like yours to attack the Truth. Vines, a Harvard-educated gay Christian who sparked a great deal of controversy in the […]

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April 2014 release

Things that go “Bump” in the church

Today we are talking about truth and compromise. Yesterday afternoon on our website we shared a letter from one of our listeners about her heartbreaking journey out of a compromising church and into the wilderness of trying to find a church that has not succumbed to the ways of the world. In the hours since, […]

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Harvest 2011

Why we need to step up the equipping of the saints

Are churches prepared for a harvest of lost souls as times get really tough? Or a better question might be, are churches preparing the sheep -that’s you and me- by equipping us to get out there and share the full Gospel wherever God is putting us? We’re asking that question today and proposing that perhaps […]

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